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Board of Directors

Keshava C. Reddy
President +
Dr. Keshava Reddy co-founded the Raj Charitable Foundation along with his wife Bharathi to honor their beloved son, Raj, and to carry on his positive attitude regardless of the challenges and circumstances that lie ahead. Raj’s personality was so infectious - it was impossible not to have fun when he was around! With the commitment and inspiration of Keshava and Bharathi, this foundation will benefit countless students to fulfill their educational dreams. The main focus of the Foundation is to unlock higher education to those who have merit but are roadblocked by the high cost.
Bharathi C. Reddy
Secretary +
Bharathi Reddy Co-founded the Raj Charitable Foundation in honor of her son Raj. As a mother she knows Raj best, her main goal is to make sure his memory alive through this foundation, and is committed to the enduring legacy of Raj as the kind, caring and loving son whose genuine smile and big heart touched everyone who knows him.
Sathyender Nelakonda
Board Member +
Sath Nelakonda is Bharathi Reddy's brother and Raj's uncle. Raj is his first nephew and big brother to his two children. Raj was not just a nephew, but a gentle soul. Sath would like to see the spirit of Raj to live through this foundation which will serve to open doors of educational opportunity to the many who may otherwise never experience the power of higher education. Sath lives and works in the Silicon valley as a technology executive and is currently at Cinarra Systems. He lives in California with his family.
Venkateswara R. Mandava
Board Member +
Venkat Mandava, Ph. D., a family friend of Dr Reddy, met Dr and Mrs Reddy as the 'first friends' in USA in mid-80's at Vanderbilt. Since then the friendship has seen only one trajectory towards a very strong bond. Since Vanderbilt days, destiny took Venkat to Tokyo and Dr Reddy's family to New York. When Raj came to this world, destiny again brought Venkat and his family to Dr Reddy's house, and gave Venkat an opportunity to bring Raj to his 'first home' from the Hospital. Years passed; Raj grew into an extremely lovable adult; but, Venkat and his family never had an opportunity to visit Dr Reddy's home until the extreme unfortunate event of Raj moving on from this world. Destiny again had Venkat drive Raj from his home in this world to the Heavens! It is this emotional bond that drives Venkat to contribute as a Board Member for the Raj Charitable Foundation.
Mahender Nelakonda
Board Member +
Mahender Nelakonda is Raj's uncle. Raj was always cheerful and it was delightful to be around him. Raj has touched many lives through his kindness and compassion. Raj will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of many more people through this foundation.
Jacob S. Levey
Board Member +
Jake graduated from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) with Raj in May 2014 from the Ross Undergraduate School of Business and also obtained a degree in Spanish. At Michigan, Jake co-founded a club, MUSIC Matters, which works to bring the Campus Community together through a music festival in the Spring, donating all proceeds to charity. Jake and Raj were close friends and peers in class, Ross Portfolio Management, and the Och Fitness Center (although Jake is still bitter Raj beat him for Mr. Och 2014). "I will always be able to close my eyes and picture Raj's big smile, knowing all too well that inside that smile was an even bigger heart.”
Timothy W. Grady
Board Member +
Tim Grady graduated with a BBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in 2014. During his time at Michigan, he and Raj became close friends, as they shared similar interests both in and out of the classroom. From finance clubs to spring break trips to living together their Senior year, much of Tim’s college experience was positively impacted by Raj. Although this friendship was unfortunately cut short by a tragedy, Tim is thankful for the thousands of memories he has to look back on. As a Board Member for the Raj Charitable Foundation, Tim looks forward to helping preserve and carry forward the legacy of one of his best friends.