By: Ursela P. CharlestonJ.P.Morgan

We meet people everyday as they come and go in and out of your life with little to no impact. Today it is very rare to meet someone that causes such a ripple affect in your heart that the chance meeting lasts forever and your life is never the same. Raj is one of those “ripples” in my life that I will forever remember. I am so honored to have known him. I met Raj in October 2014, on my first day back to work at the bank. I am previously with the company for about 15 years when I left to explore other opportunities and returned after a short hiatus. On my first day back to work, I was greeted with applause, and shakes and hugs from a number of my old colleagues/friends and a few I did not recognize. The greetings was so overwhelming it brought tears to my eyes. Never had I experience that kind of genuine emotion and greeting (welcome back) at any job I had never had. I was escorted back to my desk and happen to notice one of my neighbors.

Raj was tall, polite, friendly and very genuine. He had an incredible smile and the warmest eyes I had ever seen. He walked up to me and introduced himself and then welcomed me to the “neighborhood”. Our desks were virtually right across from each other and in time I begin to see how I had truly lucked into prime real estate.

Raj and I spent a lot of late nights at the office. He was as obsessive compulsive as I was about getting his work done right first time. He would ask me if I was going to spend the night and I would joke with him that I had a hidden closet with a built in shower and my clothes in it. As late as I would stay, there was never a time that I left before him. In fact, when I started cleaning up to go home he would seem to get comfortable for hours of more work. His work ethic was well known by everyone that came into contact with him. He was definitely one of the hardest workers in the group.

He was also known as my Microsoft Excel guru. Any questions I had in relations to Excel he notably answered, but found a way to teach me a few tricks in the process. That I am sure was harder than the question (smile)! I know I bugged him daily and he never made me feel like I was asking a redundant or silly question. He would flash that awesome smile, jump up and run to assist. He had a way of owning situation and making everyone feel like they were his top priority.

So truly Dr. and Mrs. Reddy, the pleasure to meet and work with Raj has been all mine. I am truly sorry for your loss, but thankful I had opportunity to work with Raj. I thank for entrusting him to us!

I know you are proud of the young man you raised and I hope it warms your heart knowing how many lives he touched. He left his mark on everyone and everything he came in contact with. I would love to hear how you are both doing and know that you are in my prayers.