By: Bhavesh PatelCEO of LyondellBasell

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Reddy,

My name is Bhavesh Patel. I am a client of J.P. Morgan Wealth Management in Houston. I am writing to convey my deepest sympathy and condolences on the loss of your son, Raj. I had the pleasure of meeting Raj on February 26, when I was considering engaging JPM for wealth management. He struck me as a very polished, well spoken, and bright young man. His nature was remarkably kind and he was shy, humble, yet confident in whom he was. We had some good fun discussing our alma maters, as I am an OSU Buckeye and he a Wolverine. As a fellow Indian, I remember thinking that I would be very proud if my 17 and 14 year old boys turned out to be like Raj.

I know my words cannot bring him back, but I wanted you to know that he left a very strong impression on me. You should be very proud of the son you raised and I commend you for being such great parents. I hope that you will find comfort in your fond memories of Raj and that you will draw strength and courage from your family to get through this challenging period. I hope to meet you both someday, should you be traveling through Houston.

By: Alston E. EdwardsJ.P.Morgan

Raj was an incredibly important member of our team. He was the most dedicated analyst, always arriving the earliest and staying the latest. He didn’t do it to boast or to try and out-do the other analysts, he did it because he had best work ethic one could have. Raj was patient and kind when it came to teaching others. There seemed to be a satisfaction Raj got out of always having the right answers or knowing the solution. In the previous weeks I have found myself not knowing who to turn to anymore when I need to find a work-template or need someone to show me how to use Bloomberg portal. Raj never made you feel badly for not knowing something, he may poke a little fun at you now or then, but just enough to put a smile on your face and then he would answer your question or solve the problem that you had. I’m sure sometimes I bothered Raj by nagging him on some point or always forgetting the answer to a question I had already asked, but he always remained patient with me and kind. Raj was always a good friend.

If you were frustrated, Raj could sense it and he knew what to say to put you in a better mood. You could always count on Raj to get coffee with you in the afternoon, and we went to lunch together almost every day. When we started, Raj used to make fun of me for how early I would start getting hungry and ask about what we were having for lunch. He started writing down the times that I would mention having lunch (the earliest being 8.20AM). I kept the post-it note that he used to keep this record on. I also have attached a photo of all of us going out to lunch together. These lunches were the best part of my day, and I think Raj enjoyed getting out of the office and being with everyone as well. Raj was so social and so loved.